nahyd meskini

-Career coach and strategist-

My role is to guide you towards a fulfilling career.


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

– Confucius –

Hi everyone, my name is Nahyd..

About me

Hi everyone,

my name is Nahyd.

What a pleasure it is to welcome you to my page which aims to help you stand out in your career.

I bring 9 years of combined experience in Human Relations with experienced professionals in the retail, fashion, government and humanitarian sectors.

My first professional experience with one of Belgium’s largest trade unions, the FGTB, also gives me a mastery of workers’ rights that can’t be found anywhere else.

Not forgetting my current role as Alderman for the Economy and Employment, which allows me to proactively support local initiatives aimed at reducing the unemployment rate in my municipality, while supporting residents in their search for employment with the help of professionals in the field.

I am here to help you and advise you as best I can in :

  • writing your CV in line with current standards,
  • writing your cover letter,
  • preparing your job interview,
  • negotiating the salary and benefits package once you get a job offer,
  • negotiating a promotion and a pay rise,
  • preparing your annual performance review,
  • powerdressing and personal branding within a company,

Away from fierce competition, you will learn the best techniques for impressing recruitment managers while standing out from the crowd.

We teach our clients how to cultivate what makes them authentic so they can be seen as leaders in their sector.

The individual coaching sessions we offer:

How to write a good CV?

Dress for success: what to wear to a job interview?

Proactive search for job offers that match your expectations?

How do you negotiate your salary package following a job offer?

How to apply for a promotion and pay rise?

How to avoid trick questions during interviews?

How to master a professional performance review?

For an individual coaching session :

Contact me on or 0483.03.01.81